Thursday, August 2, 2012

:: ten things

SouleMama reminded me yesterday of the benefit of looking for ten things that are bringing me joy right now.
So here are my ten, in no particular order:
1. My son playing his guitar, while talking one his phone, and looking up tabs on his computer.
2. My new Fiat 500c convertible. It just makes me happy tooling around town in it.
3. My daughter taking care of a run to the grocery store with NO LIST and doing a fabulous job.

4. Finding a time and place for a little solo get away. Coming up soon!The Garden Inn
5. New yarn! I know I haven't used up all I've got, but I simply couldn't resist.

6. These yummy granola bars that took no time at all to make.
7. This series in USA Today, by my lifelong friend. He is dealing with colon cancer with grace and humor, and sharing it all weekly in 
My Semicolon Life.

8. These baskets I found at Whole Body and here at The Blessing Basket Project.
9. This fabric from Monaluna called fox hollow! Unbelievably cute and adorable. I don't know what to do with it, but I think I'm going to have to have some of it.

10. The Leakey Collection: Beads for Learning. What a great idea for gifts that give twice. I've been wearing mine since I ran across it in the bookstore TN Tech University last week.

As SouleMama says: And you?? What are ten things bringing you joy right in this moment? Write it down, say it out loud, photograph it, or share it with those you love...


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