Friday, August 24, 2012


join -- to come together so as to be connected

I am not a joiner. I have trust issues. I worry too much and can be paranoid. 
I want to be connected like the definition says, but it's the joining that stymies me.
I don't enjoy the process of getting to know people. I worry that I'm misinterpreting or being misinterpreted.
I want there to be a way to connect without having to go through the joining phase.
But that doesn't work. 
Even in my relationship with God, I had to go through joining. I had to open myself up to Him to be able to connect. It had nothing to do with Him. It was all about me.
I really want to connect, so I'm going to work on joining. 
Will you join with me?

joining at 5 minute friday


  1. is so hard to make that leap. We want the benefits of plugging in, of being connected, but we also know that means work. I hear you.

  2. Isn't it something how afraid most of us seem to be that if we join, we'll be rejected? I've felt that way so many, many times, too.


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