Friday, May 23, 2014


It's the close of the week. In my world anyway. Friday has always been the end of the week for me. Perhaps it was bred into me with all those years of schooling. Or maybe it was that Saturday always felt like a preparation day for Sunday, since I was the preacher's kid.

Whatever the reason, Friday signals the end of the week, and a time to contemplate successes and failures. Has it been "good" week or a "bad" week? Did I succeed at living my life the way I wanted or did I miss the mark more often than not?

If I go all the way back to last weekend (and that's a long time ago!), I know that Saturday and Sunday were good days. Time spent with my husband in Philadelphia just enjoying ourselves. Monday was good because I spent time with my bestie, and that is always a good thing. Tuesday was stressful, but ultimately good. And Wednesday and Thursday were long, but mostly good spending more time with the hubs by being his chauffeur to an out of town business meeting.

So I'm closing out this week with wins. Which is a nice way to close the books.

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  1. I love reading all these different takes on the same word! You're the first one I've read that wrote about the word as an ending rather than a simile for "near." Yes, it's nice to end the week with celebration, right? Thanks for sharing. Abby, (visiting from FMF)


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