Friday, May 16, 2014

Raining in Philly

“Are you really sure that a floor can’t also be a ceiling?”
― M.C. Escher

I'm pretty sure it can. In my topsy turvy world, up and down, good and bad, black and white have often been confused. So if the floor wants to be the ceiling or vice versa it makes perfect sense to me.

I grew up in an environment that encouraged me to accept the status quo. Follow the rules even if they made no sense. Just because I didn't understand them didn't mean they weren't the best way. 

So I grew up as a "rules girl". My kids still refer to me this way. I've worked over the past 14 years to be more comfortable with asking questions. Wondering why. Suggesting a different perspective. 

Take today for example. I'm in Philadelphia with my husband. He's here for a business trip and I just got to tag along. 

We packed and left on time with no grumpiness between us (a feat that should be recognized for its rarity). We arrived at the airport, got through security with no significant snafus (they had to double check the buttons on my sleeves!?!), and then got settled to wait for our flight which was scheduled to be on time.

It's raining cats and dogs in Philadelphia and has been all day. 

About the time we should have begun boarding they announced that the plane had not arrived yet because of weather issues in Philly. Apparently our flight was coming from Philly and heading right back.

But we took it all in stride. My husband had a 2:30 meeting, so he contacted his client to let them know we were delayed. We finally boarded and took off about an hour and 15 minutes late. I don't really enjoy flying. I think I'm more of a first class, big jet kind of girl, but we have a businessman's budget, so we were on a little plane in the back row. And did I mention we got to walk across the tarmac to board the plane, and check our carry-ons because there wasn't enough room in the cabin for them? 

And there were clouds. Lots of clouds that tossed the plane around while we got up to altitude. I did my deep breathing and read my book and held Yolie and my prayer beads. I actually slept through the landing which was a blessing.

The Philadelphia airport is doing some construction right now, so we got to hike a goodly way to finally arrive at the cab stands. There was no covered walkway to the stand, and yes it's still pouring in Philly.

Still in a good mood, my husband called his client and let her know we were in transit and he hoped to be there by 3:00. The cabbie was very nice and pointed out that it would be closer to drop me off at the hotel first. My husband pointed out that I had time to spare. So we dropped him off and the cabbie circled back to drop me off at the hotel, which has no covered pull through. I dragged 2 rolling suitcases, my purse, and my husband's backpack with his wet Crocs dangling from it up the sidewalk and into the driving rain, and into a revolving automatic door that moved at a geriatric turtle's pace. 

Once inside I pulled myself together and went to check in. The attendant was very sweet, but pointed out that since the reservation was in my husband's name and I didn't have the verification code she would need my credit card and driver's license as well as his cell number to call and verify that is was okay to let me check in. Whatever!

I got into the room and was just about to collapse when I heard the distinct sound of dripping water. I walked to the corner windows and saw water coming in. Someone had thoughtfully spread a couple of towels to catch the drips, but apparently not notified the front desk that the room was out of service. 

I called the "careline" and they agreed that the room would not be acceptable, and could they please move me to another room. You think? I could either come down to the front desk and pick up my new room keycards or they could run them right up. I suggested that the latter would be better and could they perhaps send someone to help schlep my luggage for me? Right away they assured me.

A half hour later as I was beginning to lose my patience there was a knock at the door. New keys and an offer to help with my luggage. 

I'm settled in my new room now. I've eaten the warm chocolate chip cookie they gave me when I checked in (no longer warm of course), and when they called to check on my new room I asked for free wifi. They were happy to oblige. 

All that to point out that "rules girl" has learned a few lessons over the years. Lessons about rolling the punches, going with the flow, and asking for what I want.

So sure a floor can be a ceiling if it wants, just let me take a nap first.

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  1. "Just let me take a nap first." LOL love it. Glad you are getting a chance to get away with the hubby. Hopefully today was a beautiful day.


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