Friday, May 2, 2014


Things are a mess right now. It was a good word choice for this morning.

My house is messy from having a 6 year old spend a few days with us. There is a tent in my living room (temporary housing for said 6 year old). There are markers on the table with random sheets of paper covered in odd drawings that I really can't make any sense of. There have been a million and one questions most of which I've had no good answers for.

But right now I've got a mess of a relationship going too. Things are not the way I want them to be. I'm working on it. I think the other person is too, but it's not resolving like I had hoped it would. And truthfully I'm tired of messes whether they are in my house or in my heart.

So I'm telling myself lots of good things about me and life. I'm planting flowers in pots so maybe I won't kill them. And I'm reminding myself that God's around for messes in life just like He's around for the orderly. Maybe He's even more present (is that possible?) in the mess.

Either way basic facts remain the same -- I am His. He loves me and knows me. He's seen me through much worse, and He'll see me through this too. 

And 6 year olds are fun. 

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  1. really, a mess seems to be the norm around here. i think my great work in life might just be to get comfortable in it... mess as glory, and what not... :)
    working working on it...

  2. It's hard to not grow weary of relationship messes. We know all about how sticking in grows character, perseverance. But it is still hard. Glad God is meeting you there and you are remembering His truth today. Hang in there!

    Christy @ A Heartening Life


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