Saturday, October 11, 2014

day 9

So I missed day 9 of 31 days. I feel compelled to write something. To let you all know that I missed a day. That I have a good excuse. 

I've been following lots of other bloggers on this adventure and watched them worry and stress and sweat getting something written every day. I have been the voice of reason. "Don't worry about it."

And I believe all of that. Until I have to apply it to myself.

Isn't that the way it is for most of us? Generous toward others, but so judgmental of ourselves? 

I'm struggling with explaining that I had to drive my husband to an out of town business trip (that's a lame excuse though, because I sat in a hotel for room for several hours and could have written then, right?). I could mention that I've been sick with allergies or a bug for nearly a month, and I hurt my foot somehow, but I don't type with my feet, right?

The real reason I didn't write on day 9 was just this -- I was exhausted and had nothing that felt valuable to say. I've been struggling with allergies, sleep deprivation, depression, and now this weird foot thing that is "just one of those things" according to my doctor. I took the day off. I slept and watched TV. I drove my husband home from his business trip, and crashed on the sofa once we got here. 

Yesterday I kept trying to get motivated to write something about day 9, but I kept wavering between worrying I'd sound whiny, and telling myself it didn't matter that I missed one day. 

This is my middle ground. This one's for everyone else who's struggling along with me. 

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