Friday, October 31, 2014


It's time to leave October behind. It's the last day. The day kids have been waiting for -- costumes and candy.

Leaving is part of living. Sometimes we leave places, jobs, people. Sometimes we leave because we have to; sometimes because we don't get a choice. Leaving is good. Leaving is bad. To leave is to change.

And if we don't ever leave, we don't change, we don't grow.

Eventually we leave school and home. We build new homes, sometimes with new people and sometimes on our own. Either way we can't have the new without leaving.

I've left school and home. I've left jobs that just didn't work out and jobs I've loved. I left friends because the time for that friendship ended or distance just got in the way.

The hardest leaving is when you leave to help yourself knowing it hurts someone else in the process. I've done that one too. Sometimes it's temporary leaving. Sometimes it's forever.

Today I'm leaving the 31 days behind me. But I'm not forgetting them. I'm incorporating them into my life which is richer for this experience. 


(Congratulations to all the other 31 dayers out there. We did it!)

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  1. Yes, we did it! Writing daily for 31 days was challenging but very worthwhile.

    I completely agree that the change of leaving can be very difficult, but sometimes it's necessary. And I appreciate your observation that we can't have the new without leaving.

    We are FMF neighbors today. :)

  2. "Leaving is living" So true, much is found when we leave one place, one season....
    Glad to have met on this 31 day journey.

  3. leaving is a part of living - so profound, so simple, so true! lovely words today.

  4. This has been such a great experience, I cant wait to participate again next year!

  5. Great post and yes to all those reasons we leave. Glad to know we'll still running into each other after the 31 Days.

  6. Yes. The hurting others when we leave. Often I forget about that.

    visiting from the fmf community! Love, Traci Michele

  7. I've not thought about the connection between leaving and growth, but you are right. In a strange way, that thought gives me comfort. I had to leave a place not by choice, and it still makes my heart ache--both the circumstances and just missing that life. When I think of the growth since then, wow. There is no exchange for one or the other, but growth has happened. For that, I am thankful.


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