Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Unite -- come or bring together for a common purpose or action

That's one of the best benefits of 31 Days of Writing. Writing is by its very nature a solitary activity. Those of us who write do it because we feel compelled to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, but we do it alone. 

As a rule I'm okay with that. But every now and then it's nice to be reminded that while I am alone in my nook writing, there are lots of other people alone in their own nooks writing as well. And that makes me part of something larger. 

For the past 29 days we've had the opportunity to write and share about what ever interests us, and it's been wonderful. I've connected with people on my blog, on their blogs, and on our Facebook page. 

We're creating a community of writers that will last long after these 31 days are behind us.


  1. I am so glad for the 31 Days community! I don't think I would have made it without the encouragement, but we're almost there! Congratulations!

  2. I have so enjoyed the community of 31 dayer's! I want it to continue!

  3. I've so enjoyed the exercise of daily writing for the past month. It has been good for me, and I think my readers enjoyed it as well.

  4. The 31 dayers Facebook page has been a great addition for meeting others.



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