Friday, July 6, 2012


Stories are supposed to be big and glorious and inspiring. But what if my story is small and sad and messy.

People say "Share your story" and then others share stories of romance and babies and mission work. When it's my turn, I stand up and say, "I'm a survivor of childhood sexual abuse" all the while twisting my hands as my stomach twists in my body. All the while wondering why I am saying these things out loud, ducking my head and only glancing up occasionally at some one person who looks as if they care, and wondering what will happen when I stop talking. 

Story. It's who we all are and if my story isn't accepted, then I'm not accepted. 

If you hear my story, will you still hear me?

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  1. Fellow librarian hopping by from Soule Mama! Although I did not suffer from sexual abuse, I had a less than idyllic childhood. It's hard to tell our story and wonder if we will continue to be accepted. But it is us, our life. And those who are true friends will accept all of us, our good and bad stories included.

  2. OH OH OH, I know this feeling. I don't share my story often. It seems false... like someone made it up... and I only share with people I can trust it with. You are beautiful... your story makes you so. Embrace that, even if it's a story rarely told!

  3. But its stories like yours people need to hear the most!!! Everyone needs to be reminded that things like what happened to you ARE real and DO happen and are STILL happening. I hope one day that if enough people who have lived through what you do share it, maybe we can stop it from happening to anyone else.

  4. Yes. I will hear you. Many will hear you. You tell what you need to tell. What you CAN tell, and what you want to tell and we will all stand up beside you, stand behind you if you need us and listen. We will all hear.

  5. I think someday when we see how our small and messy stories all fit together in HIS amazing and redemptive tale, we'll be awed. Thanks for whispering your story and for being brave enough to share it . We are
    neighbors at Imperfect Prose today. Glad to meet you.

  6. We can get so tangled up in where our identity meets what we've been through, what we've accomplished and such, can't we? It's hard to know the difference between what we are and who we are. Thanks for your honest words here and prayers for you, friend, that you would know the power of your story and the immense value of you, just as you are, when all else falls away.

  7. oh girl. i hear you. you are so loved and cherished, melanie. praying for you.

  8. The good news is, what happened to you is not the end of the story. I have confidence that the end will be victorious, glorious, a truly happy ending.

  9. yes, a resounding yes.
    your story is so much
    more than your surviving
    and what you survived.
    each heartbeat is a story
    and pulses with life
    and brilliance
    and light....your spirit
    is pure raw beauty.
    thanks for sharing a taste
    of it today,


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