Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday #25

I missed last Thursday.
Last week was a mixed bag. Some familial struggles with the parental units -- an ongoing issue.
Busy prep for Alan and me to be away for a marriage training seminar -- which brought some stress and anxiety with it.
And the old standard for me -- summer is full of triggers and reminders of bad times.
So what do I find myself thankful for this Thursday?
:: a better perspective on family struggles. I can't change another person's understanding. I can only provide information. What they choose to to with it is out of my hands.
:: that the seminar went better than I could have ever expected!
:: and memories and triggers aren't my fault, nor do they mean I've failed in healing and moving on. They are simply a reality of the abuse I survived. I can work on handling them, but I can't make them disappear.
I learned a valuable lesson last week. We all know that words can wound deeply, but I found out that words can heal deeply as well. It's not really new information, but I felt it work in a way I'd never experienced. And for that I am truly thankful.


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  1. while words can wound deeply, they can heal deeply too... i like that.


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