Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Frolicker: A Guest Post

I would like to thank all my friends for posting pics of their beautiful backyard pools. It's like paradise right in your own back yards. I would also like to thank you for posting updates as to your whereabouts throughout the day such as "@work, @ the gym,@ The Chop House for dinner",etc. I like knowing where everybody is.

On a completely separate note, it seems that a few people in Murfreesboro have come home early from work or not been where they said they were in their Facebook updates and have come home to find a grown white man playing, sunning and frolicking in their pools. Officials say he is COMPLETELY HARMLESS and that no action should be taken...don't even call the police. Authorities recommend that residents with beautiful backyard pools (and Facebook accounts) who might come home earlier than normal or who might not be where their status says they are, to simply let out a loud "I'm home" once they get out of their cars. This will give said frolicker time to gather his belongings and climb back over the fence from whence he came.

On another completely different note, the humane society has asked that all owners of large dogs that can roam freely in their fenced in backyards should post a sign on the outside of the fence that reads "Large Dog" and should be followed by a truthful "Dog Bites" or "Friendly" sign. Just a quick heads-up for everybody, stay on schedule and update often!

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