Friday, October 19, 2012

Look [Day 19 of 31]

I look and look and look.
I look hard hoping to find the answer.
The one that explains it all.

I look at myself.
I look at choices I made.
I look for what I didn't see.

I look at situations.
I look for warning signs.
I look at the alignment of the stars.

I look at them. The abusers.
Finally, I look at the people who are responsible.
I  see in a very different way.

I look at her -- at me.
I look at the little girl who loved life.
I look at the little girl who was brutalized.

I see the hope.
I see the growth.
I see the future.

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  1. Melanie - you are brave. I'm glad you are able to look beyond what you have survived and see hope. I hope you are also able to see how valued and loved you are by Jesus! (That's what I wrote about today). Peace to you.

  2. "I see the hope." I think that's the key word in your poem. "The Lord delights those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love," Ps 147:11.


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