Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 14 of 31

Do you ever see themes or patterns in your life without even looking for them?

I've been working on the "monster" abuser lately, and I keep seeing things that speak to me about it all.
Yesterday the hubs and I watched an episode of "Sherlock" -- yes, it's another BBC series (and it's wonderful!). This one was "The Hounds of the Baskerville". If you haven't been following this series (infinitely superior to its American counterpart, "Elementary") the premise is Sherlock in the present.

I realized as I sat watching the story unfold in a modern setting, that it was validating my current realizations. We see what we expect to see. Children mold unfathomable situations into something they can make sense of -- in my case, an abuser became a Saturday matinee movie monster. It's the only frame of reference I had. It doesn't make me crazy. We all use what we have around us and inside of us to try and make sense of the things we see and experience. Even Sherlock began to doubt himself in "The Hounds" because what he was "seeing" didn't make sense in his context.
If the great Sherlock Holmes can doubt himself and come out on the other side, maybe I can too.


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