Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 7 of 31

God of peace, dawn reminds us that your mercies are new every morning. You have been merciful to us despite our sin. Teach us such mercy. Open our eyes to see the violence we condone with our silences and with our consumption. We give thanks that repentance is the beginning of true conversion. Amen.  -- Common Prayer

And I think about mercy and forgiveness. These gifts bestowed on me, that I have the opportunity to bestow on others.

And then I think of "the violence we condone with our silences", and I know that silence is not the answer. To speak is the only way to teach and lead and show.

And so I speak.

And I work on understanding appropriate anger, and how to display it, while still offering mercy and forgiveness.

And it is a big calling. 

And I see the grace and beauty of not walking this path alone.

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