Monday, October 29, 2012

Day(s) 28 and 29

We spent the weekend at Pickett State Park with Alan's side of the family. I mentioned before this has been a tradition for years. What I didn't mention, is that this year I wasn't really looking forward to it. I've been having a round of depression and pain lately which makes me want to curl up and do as little as possible (all the while feeling very guilty).
Saturday morning Alan and I packed up and headed up to the park. We made our annual stop at Walmart for supplies for dinner and breakfast, and then drove on into the park.
Our son and his best friend were already there so they helped us unload the car and brought us up to speed on event thus far (the rest of the family had arrived on Friday evening). 
We spent our time doing a lot of relaxing and talking, and not much hiking as it was very wet and rainy. I made a big pot of spaghetti, a tossed salad, and cheesy bread for dinner for everyone, and we rounded it out with roasted marshmallows, pumpkin bread, cookies, and homemade granola.
Sunday morning part of the group got up and took a walk in the misty rain while I started cooking breakfast. That's a tradition as well. Homemade pancakes, bacon, and omelets with juice, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. There were 10 of us this weekend. That's A LOT of pancakes -- especially when there are special orders involved, i.e., plain, pecan, and/or chocolate chip. Eventually I had to grab a single pancake and one slice of bacon for myself! Everybody ate and talked and laughed and generally enjoyed themselves from the 4 year old to the nearly 80 year old.
After breakfast, my father-in-law came over to where I was washing up the dishes and gave me a big hug. He said, "I wasn't feeling well this morning, but the walk up the hill and all this wonderful food has made me really glad I came." I kissed him and told him the love and affection went a long way as well.
And suddenly I was glad I had come too. Isolation is not good for the soul. And suffering in silence doesn't do any of us any good -- whether it's from pulmonary fibrosis or depression.
So today I'll unpack and clean house and listen to some happy music. I'll do my Bible study and crochet a little. But mostly I think I'll remember that hug from my father in law.

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  1. Sometimes, a hug takes all the angst and sadness away. It's the little things that make the biggest difference!


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