Thursday, October 18, 2012

What's Broken? -- [Day 18 of 31]

What's broken?
For a long time I thought the answer to that was me.
If I could just do things right, I'd be slim enough, smart enough, happy enough, friendly enough. People would like me more. I would understand the world at large. There would be less pain, fewer wars, less pollution, no global warming.
I took a lot of responsibility on myself, and gave myself a lot more power and credit than I deserved as well. Oh look, something else to feel guilty about!

What's broken?
The real answer to that is, everything.
Everything in this world is broken. It's not just me, or all my fault. It's that this world is not the way God wanted it to be. But it's the way He knew it would be.

He knew by giving us choices and options, we would invariably make some bad choices; choose some wrong options. But He wanted a real relationship with us. Not just automatons following a preconceived map of action. Where is the fun in that for any of us?

But when I realize that it's not just me, that the whole world is broken, well that makes it a little easier to take in each day. A little easier to be more loving and compassionate to myself and others around me and around the globe. 

God knew we'd screw it up, but He also loved us enough to let us screw it up. And then He sent His Son to fix it for us. 

What's broken?
Nothing. Nothing that God's love can't fix.

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  1. Inspiring thoughts and words. Visiting from MamaKats.

  2. What a great post. I think if more of us remembered or realized that we are of a fallen nature, and not the nature that God intended, we would understand that the world is, in fact, broken, but that God's love is what will fix it. Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

  3. yes,the world is, indeed, broken. Someday Jesus will come back and make it perfect again.

  4. melanie, i LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. LOVE it. so well done. so good. thank you.

    would you mind if i shared this on my ED blog sometime? if so, could you email it to me at

    thank you friend.

  5. everything....yes, yes, and yes.
    there is beauty in even this.
    so grateful for this raw inspire,


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