Friday, August 23, 2013


We married 28 years ago today. I was 23 years old and he was 22. We didn't know anything.

I had visions of a sweet little house and a yard filled with children. Happy and joyous all the time. Parties with food and music and lots of happy people. 

I didn't imagine it wouldn't all be like that. I didn't imagine there would be disagreements and arguments. Stolid silences. Hurt feelings. That we'd have times where we couldn't seem to understand each other.

I didn't imagine difficult pregnancies. Our children not being perfect. 

I didn't imagine gaining weight and being tired and worn out all the time.

I didn't imagine stress for him at work and frustrations of things not being the way he imagined.

I didn't imagine having to come to terms with horrors from my past that I had buried so very deeply.

I didn't imagine that he would have such strength, fortitude, humor, and perseverance. I didn't imagine I could fight so hard for myself. That he would fight just as hard right along side of me for my healing.

I imagined a fantasy. A fairy tale.

I got a real-life marriage that lasts.

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  1. Oh glory...
    Happy Anniversary! Fighting for love for 28 years--that's worth celebrating!
    trusting He dazzles you more than you ever imagined.

    thrilled to be your neighbor over at 5MF today!

  2. Didn't your bridemaids look good.

    1. One in particular outshone the bride :)

  3. Here's to real-life marriage that lasts! Happy anniversary!

  4. I was exactly where you were, and five years later I'm in the midst of your description of imperfection and "this is NOT what I'd planned." I hope and pray in 20 years, I'll be where you are now! Happy Anniversary, and congrats on holding fast to your vows!

  5. Happy anniversary! This is just lovely- how God can take what we expected, turn it on its head and give us something that is so much deeper. Rejoicing with you!


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