Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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FOR TODAY . . . August 27, 2013

Outside my window . . . my cherry tree is dropping leaves at an alarming rate. The first sign of autumn's return.

I am thinking . . . about all the things I need to get done today and how groggy I'm still feeling!

I am thankful . . . for safe travels to Knoxville on Sunday and home again yesterday.

In the kitchen . . . last night was take out as I got back into town just in time to drop dh off at his grad class.

I am wearing . . . my giant pink sleep shirt.

I am creating . . . a baby blanket for a friend who's baby is due in September. It's my first corner to corner blanket so I hope it turns out well.

I am going . . . to do laundry, pay bills, make a Target run, do yoga, Bible study, and sort through the remaining boxes of FIL stuff on the ping pong table today. Pray that I can accomplish all of that, and don't just sit down and do nothing for half the day!

I am wondering . . . about the dream I had last night. I was on a ferry going somewhere, but we were all just lying on the floor (no seating) and I was coming unglued. I was surrounded by people I didn't know, and the items I use for self-comfort. Anyone care to interpret for me? Oh, and when we got where we were going the ferry owner reprimanded me for not disembarking correctly!

I am reading . . . I have fallen prey to the 2nd book in The Hunger Games Trilogy. I swore after reading the first one and watching the movie I would read no more, but dh and I re-watched The Hunger Games last week and it made me curious. So I checked out Catching Fire for my Kindle and started reading it. I'm really a bit embarrassed to even admit it. The counterpoint is I'm still reading Overcoming Trauma through Yoga: Reclaiming Your Body, which hopefully balances it out a bit.

I am looking forward to . . . a week without travel involved!

I am hearing . . . total peace and quiet!

Around the house . . . all the Monday chores must be done today in addition to the Tuesday chores. I hate it when that happens.

I am praying . . . . for Patti at Someone Wake Me Up, as well as 2 friends who are expecting babies very soon.

One of my favorite things . . . is my cup of morning tea. Yesterday in the hotel they had a Keurig in the room, so I tried making tea with it. Let me just say that what the Keurig produced in no way resembled an acceptable cup of tea. Hot water with sugar and a hint of Earl Grey is just disgusting!

A few plans for the rest of the week . . . two days worth of chores today, a meeting in the morning, followed by a trip to the allergist. Thursday is Bible study and my last private lesson with my yoga instructor. Friday is sewing day with Linda, and date night with Alan. And on Saturday, Alan is photographing a friend's wedding so I'll be playing the role of photographer's assistant! Then worship on Sunday and it all starts all over again.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing . . . 
the lovely flowers dh gave me 
for our 28th anniversary last week :)

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