Friday, August 2, 2013


Stories are meant to be grandiose. Full excitement, promise, romance, and happy endings.

Or are they? That might be the definition of a make believe story, but a real story is the story of real life and real people. And most real people don't get a make believe story or life.

My story is messy and vile, at times filled with evil and horror. But it's also beautiful and full of love now.

I was abused repeatedly in horrible ways by a variety of people when I was young. I was raped twice by the same person as an adult. And it's taken me years of therapy and crying and praying to realize that, sadly, I am not alone.

But it's not my fault that my life doesn't read like a Disney fairy tale. And truth be told, I'm glad it doesn't. Fairy tales end once everything is as it should be. But I'd rather live the whole story -- warts and all -- than have my story just be "happily ever after".

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