Thursday, October 10, 2013

If This Is Thursday, I Must Be in Nashville

It's been a crazy, mixed up week, and it's beginning to look as if the the whole month may be this way.

Alan and I had a little get away over the weekend that we extended to Monday. It was quite lovely, but there was a fair amount of driving involved, so I was very tired Monday night.

Tuesday, Alan had to be in a meeting in Franklin, so I got up and drove him. We thought we'd be there an hour or so, but of course things ran long, and the outcome was not what we had hoped (sorry to be vague, but that's all I can say).

Claire took care of overseeing the removal of the mattress from hell on Tuesday morning in anticipation of delivery of our new mattress that evening. It was to be delivered between 4 and 7 Tuesday evening. I called the store about 5:15 to make sure everything was still on, and found out there'd been a miscommunication between the store and delivery people. No mattress. The lady was very nice and discounted part of our purchase, but that still left me with no bed for the night.

Claire graciously gave us her bed and slept in her brother's room (although she did have to clean it up before she could get to sleep!). 

Wednesday morning brought my weekly appointment and grocery shopping. The new mattress arrived just as I was cooking dinner, but Alan was here to oversee. Once we had eaten and made up the bed, we kind of collapsed on the sofa until bedtime. Slept well. Fingers are still crossed.

The outcome of the Tuesday meeting was that Alan has to make a trip to Los Angeles. He's not thrilled given that he has serious bum issues (can't remember the exact name) but sitting is agony. Our hope was that I could go with him for moral support, but of course I have Michael Buble tickets on the same night he needs to leave for LA. We talked about me flying out the next morning to meet him, and I thought that was all set, but it fell through this morning. 

This weekend I'm heading to Stanton, Tennessee for a yoga and meditation retreat. Then it looks as if everyone is home for the following week, with a visit from the 5 year old on that Thursday. The following Monday I'll head to Knoxville as Alan's chauffeur and come home on Tuesday. Alan leaves for LA on Wednesday (apparently alone). Claire and I will go to the concert on Wednesday night. Alan will be in LA for a couple of days probably and then fly home by Saturday. 

I like traveling as much as the next person, and most of these events are pleasant (with the exception of LA), but I'm ready for an extended, boring stay at home. I'd enjoy having a day with no one in the house but the dogs and me to just do some housework. 

A girl can dream . . . 


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