Friday, February 28, 2014


Every morning I get to choose.

Is today going to be a positive experience or a negative one.

I can't control what will or won't happen. How other people will treat me or respond to me. I can't control the news or the weather or the sunrise or the sunset.

What I can do is choose how I react. I can choose to remember what blessings I have. I can choose to share what I have. I can choose to love others and myself. I can choose to focus on God and not my current worries or concerns.

I don't get it right ever day. At least part of most days, I don't choose well, but I keep coming back again and choosing all over.

Today I choose to see the positive: a good night's sleep -- tea and juice and biscuits for breakfast -- a good chat with my son -- mindfulness -- plans for the day that honor others and me.

I choose to be beautiful!

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