Friday, February 14, 2014


garden -- noun -- an area of ground where plants (such as flowers or vegetables) are grown

garden -- verb -- to work in a garden : to take care of the plants in a garden

I grew up in and around gardens. My grandparents, great grandmother, and great-great aunt and uncle always had gardens full of vegetables. Even a small cornfield in my grandparents backyard. I learned about cherry tomatoes when my Auntie sent me out to pick them. I thought they were cherries and began to gobble them straight off the vine. Clearly they were not cherries, but they were something wonderful!

I'm not a gardener now. I tried my hand at it early on, but the general consensus is I could kill a silk plant. So I envy other people's gardens, and feel a little less than because that isn't my gift.

But years ago I learned the word kindergarten which in German literally means "children's garden" or a garden of children. What a beautiful idea.

I have gardened for years in the cultivating of my family and home. I plant seeds, I hope, of love and compassion. Of mercy and forgiveness. Of peace and gratitude.

I don't know how well I've done. There have been plenty of thorns and weeds thrown in the mix. There have been droughts and floods, and locusts at times. But I keep gardening knowing that while I may never really see the fruits, someone will be blessed by them some day.

Please read here to see how you can help the Maubane Community Center start its garden.

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