Thursday, February 20, 2014

With Thanks to William the Conqueror

Presumably we have William the Conqueror to thank for vacations. At least according to Wikipedia.

Whoever started the trend had no idea what they were creating. 

The concept is terrific. Get away from the office, the farm, the housework, whatever, and just do things differently. See new things, eat new things, rest and relax in a new environment. The problems come when those you travel with have different ideas of what a vacation really is. 

The first time my husband and I went to Mexico, he had every day scheduled to the nines. Events, locations, experiences reigned supreme. The problem was I am not an energetic traveler. Maybe it's being an introvert, but I need recovery time after the actual travel has taken place. The day we fly anywhere, I'm just as happy to call that the activity for the day, and spend the rest of the day/night doing as little as possible. By a pool if that can be arranged.

Over the years we've had to learn to adjust. He's had to accept that I'll run out of steam long before he will, and I've had to ramp up my energy level to keep going even when I'm tired. We balance pretty well these days, but I still nap a lot more than he understands. 

For a long time I thought it was just me, but a couple of years ago my husband took our son on a 2 week vacation to go climbing, hiking, and sightseeing. When they came back I heard both sides. My husband couldn't get over how tired and sleepy our son was, or how much he ate. My son couldn't get over how early my husband gets up in the morning and how early he falls asleep at night, and how little he seems to eat!

Regardless of how the vacation ultimately plays out, right about now I'd give something near and dear to me if I could be somewhere warm with a beach and a fruity beverage to sip on. 

February may be the shortest month in days, but it's the longest in cold temperatures!

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  1. I think february feels so long is because we start to have hope, the end of winter is sooo close, yet so far away :)

  2. I guess vacation means something different to all of us. Sounds like you and your son were destined to vacation together! ;)


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