Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY . . . February 4, 2014

Outside my window . . . it is grey and cold, but we are above freezing. 

I am thinking . . . about how to be more productive with people in and out of the house all day long. My concentration has been taking a hit, as I do not multi-task well.

I am thankful . . . for opportunities to talk with my children. The fact that they so willingly share with me is a true blessing.

In the kitchen . . . over the weekend I tried 2 new recipes. You can see one here, and the other I'll post next week. Today I'll be making breakfast burritos for RITI.

I am wearing . . . my flannel gown and slippers with a throw over my legs as I type.

I am creating . . . crocheted burp cloths. I never would have thought of this, but saw a pattern and decided to give it a go.

I am going . . . to hem pants, crochet, and do yoga today. And make those burritos. And figure out what to feed my family for dinner. And try to catch up on Bible study. 
Hmmm . . . I might have a bit too much planned.

I am wondering . . . my sudden desire to talk more about the abuse I survived.

I am reading . . . The Hangman's Daughter by Oliver Potzsch. I'm just getting started and I'm not sure where it's heading, but I like it so far.

I am looking forward to . . . seeing where 2014 leads me.

I am hearing . . . the clock ticking and the keys clicking. It's a lovely sound of quiet and solitude.

Around the house . . . I cleaned the laundry room last week with LBB's help. Then I bought a rug for it and added some sunflowers and a couple of good quotes printed out to read when I'm in there.

I am praying . . . friends who are pregnant, a family whose husband/dad was hurt in grainery accident, a young lady whose baby was stillborn. So many people in pain.

One of my favorite things . . . is completing a project. I've been having trouble staying focused lately, so I'd really like to finish up at least one project this week.

A few plans for the rest of the week . . . fun/work with LBB today, RITI breakfast, therapy, Precept class, yoga, date night, and company on Saturday night.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing . . . 
next project to complete

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  1. Stopped in from SWD, I can say that facing pain is the only way to heal from it. Coming from a recovery type church, I see this every day on our Wed. healing group. People face the pain of abuse, drugs, alcohol, etc. and find healing in Christ. It is amazing to watch and be a part of. I encourage you to trust Christ and remember that fear is not of the Lord. God bless.


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