Friday, April 27, 2012

5 minute friday -- community

community is difficult for me. 
unless a single person can be a community.
i have trust issues.
i have self esteem issues.
i have acceptance issues.

for a long time, i thought i was the only one with all of these issues,
so i stayed quietly to myself, not talking about me or sharing at all.

then something changed.
i started to write.
i shared my writing with a few.
they didn't laugh or point fingers.
they didn't denigrate or humiliate me.

i wondered if more people would be so accepting.
i tried blogging.
people came.
they read.
they commented.
they were nice.
they didn't criticize.
they didn't laugh at my thoughts.
they believed what i wrote.

i began to believe it might be true.
that i wasn't the only one.
that i wasn't alone or crazy or strange.
that i might have something worth saying.

community is easier through the computer
-- and now I'm thinking community could be even BeTTeR with skin on it.

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