Sunday, April 29, 2012

April Joy Dare #4

"Enter the password: 'Thank you!" . . . Thank Him. Worship Him!
--Psalm 100:4

April 23rd -- 3 gifts reflecting
1. the sun off the windshield as I drive 
my husband to a business meeting
2. the love of God as I enjoy a day on my own
3. the joy of healing by helping others

April 24th -- 3 gifts fragile
1. a new cobalt blue measuring cup
2. peace 
3. health

April 25th -- a gift of cloth, steel, wood
1. fresh towels
2. my car to transport my son to the doctor
3. a birch crochet hook

April 26th -- 3 gifts moving
1. strong breezes this morning
2. my dogs running around
3. my hands crocheting

April 27th -- 3 gifts "ugly beautiful"
1. the mess in my bonus room from cleaning closets
2. a diagnosis of secondary strep for my son
(better than mono!)
3. headaches from pollen

April 28th -- 3 gifts orange
1. fresh pressed juice at the farmers' market
2. juiced tangelos
3. carrots chopped for dinner

April 29th -- 3 gifts in dirt
1. amaryllis bulbs transplanted outside
2. time spent with my children cleaning out closets
3. local strawberries eaten straight from the colander

April 30th -- a gift given, made, sacrificed
1. prayers for others
2. a new blanket for a baby not expected to live
3. my favorite spot on the sofa for my daughter

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  1. What a lovely list you have! I especially appreciate the flowers and fruit. Mmm...

  2. My son is on his third antibiotic for strep and just got blood drawn to check form mono. It must be going around. Nice to meet you through Multitudes on Mondays.

  3. Great list. The other morning the clouds in the sky on my drive to work were just fabulous. I love little morning blessings like that.

  4. Love the one, under gifts in dirt, "Time spent with children cleaning out closets." That can be such a dirty and loathsome job, especially if it was the kid's room closet!! Thanks for sharing all God's graces in your life!!

    In His Lo♥e, Ann


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