Monday, June 4, 2012

June Joy Dare #1

"Enter the password: 'Thank you!" . . . Thank Him. Worship Him!
--Psalm 100:4

June 1st -- 3 gifts orange
1. Flake Cotton Yarn in tangerine
2. my son's shoulders 
(a blend of tan and burn)
3. beefsteak tomato slices

June 2nd -- 3 gifts funny
1. a house full of teens & a new puppy
2. a pomeranian fluffball
3. a story my husband shared

June 3rd -- 3 gifts from today's conversations
1. insight into helping others
2. reminders that we need small 
groups to build community
3. healing words in dealing
with my parents

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  1. That is a beautiful photo! A new puppy always brights out the laughter! lol Insight into helping others... wonderful gift!


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