Thursday, March 7, 2013

10 Random Things

List 10 random things you know how to do.

1. Crochet -- I've been crocheting since I was around 16, but it's only been in the last few years that I've learned more stitches and how to read patterns.

2. Yoga -- I've been doing yoga off and on for about 14 years.

3. Making prayer beads -- I started doing this after I was diagnosed with PTSD. I used to sell them on eBay, but haven't done any in a while.

4. Bake from scratch -- yes it's true, I don't buy mixes.

5. Scuba dive -- I've mentioned before, but I learned to scuba dive for my 25th wedding anniversary.

6. Cathedral quilt pattern -- I actually just learned to do this last fall. 
(this is not mine!)

7. Drive a stick shift -- my husband wouldn't marry me until I learned how!

8. Play ping pong (or table tennis for the aficionados)

9. Use the Dewey Decimal Code -- I don't have it memorized or anything, but I do know how to assign the numbers and shelve the books (of course, I am a librarian.)

10. Hand embroidery -- I learned as a child on kits bought at the Ben Franklin Five and Dime store. I'm showing my age here!
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  1. Your prayer beads are so pretty and your quilt is amazing :) You've got talent, chica!

  2. So many wonderful talents! I dont buy box mixes either. I do know how to drive stick, but my hubby doesnt ;) I love teasing him about it!

  3. What a crafty lady! Love the Cathedral quilt pattern.

    My hubby made me learn to drive a stick, too. We used to have two vehicles that were stick shift, but that has been many years ago. I bet I could still do it, though.

  4. haha.... I can't drive stick shift :o

    Cinella @ TMB

  5. I found you from Mama Kat.
    I learned how to drive a stick when I was 12. My Dad taught me.

    I know Ben Franklin's too! We had one in our town when I was a kid.

    New follower here.


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