Monday, March 18, 2013


Where am I happiest . . . 

The short answer is wherever my husband is.

The longer answer is Blue Angel Resort, Cozumel, Mexico with my husband.

Hubs and I went to the Blue Angel Resort for our 25th wedding anniversary. I can't wait to go back! Favorite place in the world. So if you ever get the chance I highly recommend a visit.

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  1. Awww...that's so sweet. I feel weird that I really don't have a "happy" place... my husband annoyed me to bits last night snoring me out of my bedroom when I just put clean soft sheets on the bed..andI wound up sleeping on the friggin couch with the dirty dog hair-laden blanket... LOL

  2. Nice! I've never been to Cozumel, just to Cancun. Glad you had such a wonderful time and Happy Anniversary!


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