Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Daily Routine -- Day 10

It's funny that this is one of the prompts for this meme, because I've been thinking about posting about a new routine I've been using.

I am the queen of lists, but I've also always had a hard time getting into a consistent routine that works for me. Now that my kids are both in college, I'm perfecting a new approach. I'm usually hesitant to share things like this, for fear of being judged and found lacking. But what the heck, Tiffany put it out there so lets see how it goes.

I created a chart for myself that works for me pretty well. It's very open ended, but gives me lots of space to jot down the random things that come into my head during each day.

Each Sunday I print a new copy (or if I'm really feeling organized I'll print out a month's worth at time.)

Then I sit down and fill in the recurrent events. For me this includes:
--checking my schedule 
--doing my devotion
--working on memory work
--updating my blog
--making the bed
--shower, dress, etc.

Once those items are set, I fill in any appointments I know I have coming up during the week. Next I schedule in exercise. I like to check the weather to help me determine what exercise will look like for the week.

Each evening I sit down with my clipboard and mark off what I've accomplished, what needs to be moved to the next day, and then look over what's on the agenda for tomorrow. 

This format has helped me learn to roll with the punches, as it were, because very few items are "written in stone". It gives the ability to move things around at will, while still being able to see the overall layout for each week.

So there it is. How does your day work?

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  1. I love lists. I have a similar chart just not in calendar format. To keep up with three people in my house (I applaud those who have multiple children), I need lists. I also have a cleaning schedule and dinner menu. You look highly organized.

  2. Schedules are always a work in progress


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