Friday, March 15, 2013


List 10 things that make me awesome . . . 

Awesome!?! Are you kidding me? Awesome is not a word I have ever applied to myself. I'm going to try this, but I want you all to know in advance that this goes completely against my personality, and possibly, my religious upbringing! lol!

1. Thick, curly, wavy hair.

2. I cook well. Not frou-frou, gourmet stuff, but just basic taste good food. (I post recipes here, usually on Mondays)

3. I sing well -- maybe not as well as I did in college, but I still get compliments in church.

4. People tell me I have a great smile.

5. Apparently, I tell good stories.

6. I like to entertain, but only in a very relaxed mode. Martha Stewart has nothing to fear from me!

7. My head is filled with useless facts and minutiae.

8. I'm friendly to everyone.

9. I survived childhood abuse, and have lived to tell the tale.

10. I have a truly awesome husband, and his awesomeness rubs off on me : )

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