Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kindness -- Day 6

Your last random act of kindness . . .

I don't really like to talk about my own "random acts of kindness". It kind of defeats the purpose, but I will tell you about a couple I've received recently.

Today is my birthday. I know, I know, let the celebrations begin. (Actually, I LOVE celebrating my birthday).

When I got up this morning, this is what I found on top of my computer:
from my husband.

When I went to let the dogs out, I found a bag hanging on the door with these in it:
from CCD, one of my besties.

When I talked to my husband on the phone, he told me to look in the living room closet:
I found goodies from my father-in-law (who is sick with pulmonary fibrosis, and yet remembered my birthday).

Now I know it's my birthday, so that could be seen as negating the randomness of it all. But here's what I know. It's been a tough couple of weeks, and to wake up to find that these people had gone out of their way for me just about brought me to tears of joy.

So however you interpret "random acts of kindness", do one today, for someone, for my birthday.


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  1. Happy Birthday. And enjoy all the acts of kindness that will be bestowed upon you today

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! I love your blog:) Been reading past posts and you blog about things i love to read and write about also...happy things!
    I think you must be an especially kind person so it only seems right that your family was extra kind to you:)


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