Friday, March 1, 2013

Distinctively Ordinary

Ordinary is just a variation on that word I crave -- "normal". Yet when I looked up the definition for ordinary is said, "with no special or distinctive features; normal". And I realize that definition doesn't fit anyone.

Everyone I know has something special or distinctive about them. That's what makes them them. So maybe it's true, what my therapist has told me for years, there is no normal.

If I assume that everyone has special or distinctive features, then the logical conclusion is that I do to -- I'm just not sure what they are. My go to response would be that I am a survivor of abuse, but I don't really want to be defined by that. 

What is ordinary for me is different than what is ordinary for you. And it's the same old song and dance for me to try and compare myself to others' in an effort to see myself and my life as "normal".  So once again, I see the foolishness in comparing myself to others. I am who I am in what is ordinary for me, because of all that I have experienced, and everyone who has touched my life.

So I choose to be ordinary in my own special and distinctive way.

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  1. Comparison is a challenge, isn't it? Liked the way you worded it, "ordinary in my own special and distinctive way." Good perspective. We are neighbors at FMF - good to visit!

  2. It's hard not to compare yourself to others, but I like the way you put it.


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